Recovery Service at Four Winds Towing

A recovery winch is an electric device which is mounted onto a vehicle and used to pull another vehicle, or, in case of self recovery, the vehicle on which it is mounted.
Recovery winches use wire cables rolled onto drums. The wire can be let out and attached to the vehicle to be pulled or to a firm, sturdy enough, object for self recovery. Then the winch’s electric motor is used to spin the wire back onto the drum thus pulling whatever is attached to it. In self recovery situations the vehicle with the winch itself is pulled towards the point onto which the wire is attached.

Recovery winches are typically found either on front bumpers of all terrain vehicles or on tow trucks.
At Four Winds Towing in Anaheim tow trucks are fitted with recovery winches so that we can offer comprehensive on road as well as off road recovery services.

Professional Handling of Recovery Winches

Operating a recovery winch is not complicated technically. However, experience and extensive knowhow is required in order to ensure recovery operations using a recovery winch go smoothly and, more importantly, safely.

It is obvious that substantial forces are exerted on the winch itself, the wire cable and points to which both are connected. It is also easy to imagine the damage and injury which may occur in case of a sudden wire break, a winch or bumper dislodging etc.
Four Winds Towing’s techs are certified, well trained and vastly experienced professionals. In such hands a recovery winch becomes a safe, valuable tool.

Recovery Winch Maintenance

A recovery winch is the type of gear which may lay in waiting for long periods between uses. In order to be sure our recovery winch will serve us well when it is needed some routine maintenance is required.
To prevent corrosion grease and oil should be applied where needed. If the winch has not been used it is necessary to spread out the entire length of wire every three months and roll it back onto the drum while inspecting and oiling it.

At Four Winds Towing in Anaheim we take maintenance of all our gear very seriously, recovery winches included. It is the only way we can make certain you can rely on us to have all options at our disposal when you call on us for assistance.

Among our auto recovery and road side assistance services are:

  • On road and off road recovery, including recovery winch operations
  • Any and all auto wrecker services
  • Battery jump starts and battery replacements
  • Gas filling
  • Car lock picking solutions
  • Flat tire change
  • All types of towing

Any other road side assistance you may require