Heavy Duty Towing Professionals in Anaheim

Heavy duty towing is not something to be taken lightly, no pun intended. Since it usually involves expensive vehicles and high levels of required professionalism it should only be executed by experts equipped with suitable gear. When trying to tow heavy duty vehicles or machinery with inappropriate towing equipment one should expect no results at best, or additional damage at worst.

When are heavy-duty-towing services required?

If you need to tow regular vehicles there’s no need to call in the big guns as regular towing equipment will probably suffice. However, if you need to tow large or heavy vehicles heavy duty towing services are probably in order. Such vehicles can include pick up trucks, 4X4s, SUVs, trucks, heavy machinery, etc. Towing such vehicles is a complicated task that requires specific training and experience.

What’s different about heavy duty towing?

As mentioned, such vehicles make towing a more challenging task due to their weight, size, or complexity. That’s why our crews first assess the situation, look over the vehicle and its surroundings, and only then proceed to devise the best solution. Once a towing solution has been decided they’ll execute it, putting to good use their vast experience while keeping your equipment, yourself, and passers-by out of harm’s way.

Why choose Four Winds Towing in Anaheim?

– We’re always here: we have people manning our dispatch center 24/7. This means that whenever you need us – we’ll be here!
– Quick arrival: regardless of the complexity of the towing task – we’ll always be on site within 30 minutes.
– Certified technicians: our technicians are all certified, trained, and experienced.
– A large fleet: we hold numerous towing trucks and several teams on call. This means we’re able to meet all of our customers’ towing needs day or night.

Four Winds Towing – additional services

We’re great at a lot of things and we can effectively take care of any roadside emergency that might befall you:
• All towing services: local, long distance, dolly and motorcycle towing
• Recovery services
• Flat tires changing
• Car lockouts
• Out of gas
• Battery jumpstart and replacement